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Since before I could peek over the countertops of my Grandmother Celia Borja's busy kitchen, I had a passion for food.

Her aromatic and bustling kitchen was my first introduction to cooking, and I was captivated that something so simple as a delicious plate of food, could bring such happiness to others-

I have held my Grandmother's inspiring teachings close to my heart throughout my life's culinary adventures... 


Adventures that started professionally at the legendary Copacabana Palace Hotel's Cipriani in Rio de Janeiro and led to a Culinary Arts University Degree from Alain Ducasse Foundation with affiliation with Estacio de Sa University where I flourished into a professional cook, working in Rio's top restaurants gaining enough confidence to travel the world working in some of its best restaurants and cruise ships; like a period as Senior Chef de Partie at Gordon Ramsey's Maze 1 Michelin Star, a 4-month internship at The Fat Duck by Heston Blumenthal 3 Michelin stars, long-term freelance work at Jason Atherton's Berners Tavern and Sous Chef position at Hawksmoor's the best UK's Steak House.

But for as much as I enjoyed and excelled in the challenging environments of the fine-dining kitchens, deep down, I yearned for the simplicity of the soul-nourishing food of my childhood my "vo Celia's" food and our families BBQ's- 

Food Reel for Celias (35).

Hungry and tired from a weekend road trip,  my missus and I pulled the motorcycle over on our way home to a quiet country lane to cook an improvised bbq.. As we munched on flame cooked pork and watched the sunset I casually leaned across to my girl and joked-

"Imagine how much easier this would have been if we had a BBQ on the back of the bike!" 

As we laughed about how epic our road trips would now be, I knew I just had an idea that would change my life forever; it made me find my culinary identity, a live fire chef! 


With an urge to do things my way and no capital to open my dream restaurant concept BA.RN, I opted to start a street food operation called HARLEY DOGS. With the show-stopping Harley Davidson Street Glide pulling a 6ft BBQ trailer I took to the streets of London with homemade hotdogs and burgers to win the British Street Food Awards 2018 "Best Street-Food Concept" and the beast of a Motherburger cooked on it be recognized by The UK's National Burger Awards- 

And serving everyone from five hundred strong private parties, celebrities, backyard birthdays, and customers in the UK's best breweries! 

After 4 years of not a single day off, one evening after watching an episode of the Legendary Anthony Bourdain (R.I.P) "No Reservations" about Sardegna we decided to take a well-deserved 15 day holiday that day would forever change our lives...

Five days into this adventure we had already fallen in love with this magical island that we now call HOME!

If the copious amounts of seafood, heartwarming locals, live-fire culture, magical history, and a bloody amazing roasted suckling pig were not enough, the possibility of a farm-life just like at my "vo Celia's" house so close to the most beautiful beaches definitely did the trick!

Here we bought a small piece of agricultural land where we live stress-free, away from the big city with the most beautiful view, immersed in nature and in the company of our 2 dogs, Steak and Moo; 2 Sheep, Ricotta, and Pecorino; 2 Tibetan Goat, Harley and Pewee and our 10 Chickens and 11 newly arrived chicks and 4 Guinea Fowls that don't shut up and will be soon on the grill...

I would be delighted to share with you and your guests my passion for cooking, making your culinary dreams come true no matter how wild! 

I look forward to hearing from you!



(Remember we're still in a pandemic, these may not always be available)


Giving you peace of mind and time to entertain your guests! From ingredients to crockery,  bar, wait staff, cleaners-I'll handle all of it, bringing you hand-picked professionals that will go beyond your expectations!


Staff party? Photoshoots? Or perhaps a business lunch? I have extensive experience catering for corporate clients and their unique events, and can handle any menu requirements to suit to your company's needs!


With all my certifications up to date, I am ready at a moment's notice to join your crew. I have SY and MY charter experience as a Sole Chef on 50+ boats,  with great references!


Sit back and relax knowing every meal is taken care of- family lunches, date nights, a chef for your villa or yacht holiday, all catered to your specific requirements, no dishes to wash, and no shopping trips!


Ever fancied learning how to cook beautiful dishes to impress your dinner guests or wow your loved ones? I'm available to hire for private and group classes of all cooking levels!


If you have a pitch, festival, or another kind of public event you'd like to see me at, give me a heads up and send me your inquiry over on the homepage and I'll be in touch soon!

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