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"Easily one of the best chef's I've ever hired. And the first one I'll call everytime I'm back in the Mediterranean!"

- Lynette Burbank

Words cannot do Chef Leon justice. A consummate professional in everything he does, my family and I were astounded by the incredible food that was presented each meal-time!

Always the first one up and one of the last to go to bed, his passion for cooking and proactive attitude helped make it one of the most enjoyable, stress-free holidays we've ever had. 

If there is one thing I can say about Leon, it is he is a man who loves food! So knowledgeable, so caring of ingredients, and knows exactly how to make them sing on the plate! 

My wife and I hired Leon to cater for our wedding and he went all out to make sure our day was as special as possible- even helping organise emergency tableware when ours didn't show!

After our second hiring for a chef fell through for our family getaway, I found Leon and was very glad the others cancelled. His food was nothing short of mouth-watering! 


His service was astounding, and one of the few I've hired who has kept the kitchen to the high standards of cleanliness I expect. A kind and caring soul who I'll be hiring again!

- Sarah Beecham

- Giovani Marchetti

- Sophia Gabris

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